POMS Project

Client:  POMS & Associates

Project:  Animated opening using HTML5 and MP4

Project Length:  Animation is 35 seconds with ability to loop. 

Project Details:  Animate small triangles of various colors that morph into the company logo.  The logo then rotates to the left to display the company name.

Tools Used:  Tumult Hype 3.5 Professional and Adobe Creative Suite


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Cure Breast Cancer

CureBreastCancer, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing breast health awareness and education to all women and their families. Working through the dedicated volunteers, CBC has consistently returned over 90% of all contributions to the community through its programs and services.

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Managed Healthcare Unlimited

Managed Healthcare Unlimited, Inc. (MHU) is an independent third-party reviewing agency that conducts objective audits of a broad spectrum of health care organizations to assess and evaluate regulatory compliance and investigate health care-related issues.  In 2010 MHU came to us for a redesign of their static website.  We created a new site that was managable by their internal staff.  In 2013 they came back to us for a second redesign.

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Yogurtagogo is a small business in Sacramento, CA that servers excellent frozen yogurt.  In 2012 Designs to Envy was contracted to create a website that fit the social buzz that Yogurtagogo has developed in their business district.

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