While new to this company, I have been working in the video production industry since 1986 when in high school I was accepted into the media class by Mr. Mike Clark at Oakmont High School in Roseville, CA.  Now I provide my services for small low budget projects.  

In 2008 I was part of the first production meeting for a new television series "Experience El Dorado" that was produced by Emmy-Award-Winning producer Todd Stanley (Deadliest Catch).  The show featured El Dorado county resident Perry King (Riptide, Big Love, The Day After Tomorrow) as the main host with features that included restaurants, hotels, wineries and other places within El Dorado County.  The final episode was dedicated to the Rubicon with the cast and crew spending over 4 days filming the episode.  Part of my responsibilities included editing the segments for streaming using Amazon's AWS cloud service to provide CDN capabilities. While YouTube was available in 2009, we elected to provide an HD version that was of higher quality and was made available on the website I design and hosted.

Today I work on single and multi-camera productions including pre-production, production and post production work.