We started building website in the late 1990's and moved quickly to content management systems when PHPNuke was released.  Before sites were managed for the most part page by page.  For larger sites this caused issues when adding or modifying content.  The invention of CMS allowed for larger site to be more managable and allow for more admins to make changes to the website.  Today we still have some sites that are still created in simple single or small sites that do not warrant the use of CMS, but about 98% of the sites I work on are CMS.  

We believe in using opensource software such as PHPNuke, or our preference now is Joomla, but we do work with WordPress and custom sites such as Squarespace.  On occassions we have to work with Microsoft's Sharepoint but we really prefer using the opensource systems.  Below are a few of the sites that we have worked on over the years and many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years and we still manage their websites.   

Some of our websites are very large with multimedia files and pages of content and then we have others that only server a couple of meeting agends and documents.  We treat them all the same and for the most part the below sites are maintained by us which includes keeping the sites secured with regular patching and migration to newer code when needed.  Our hosting fee is very reasonable and includes the security patching.  Migration to newer code can have additional costs but usually only require a couple of hours to implement.